Veltech University history speaks out loud the growth of the University over the years by the uncompromising vision, leadership and guidance of the founder couple and matured as the Best University in India u/s 3 of UGC Act, 1956 in 2008. Since then it has been sprawling its wings not only in horizontal and vertical but also in all dimensions.

Presently the university has been marching towards its goal by achieving all-round excellence. With the highly professional services of our honourable Chancellor and the phenomenal guidance and meticulous execution of our Vice Chancellor and the able administration of the Register. A committed group of well qualified faculty members have also been striving hard to achieve the vision of the university through concurrent achievement of the mission.

Veltech Engineering College was born in 1997 under the Trust founded by the Educational-Philanthropic Personalities- Dr.R.Rangarajan and Dr. Sagunthala Rangarajan, the Founder President and Foundress respectively . The university has since grown persistently over the years impacting student lives under the able guidance and leadership of the founder couple.

400 feet Outer Ring Road, Avadi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600062
Phone Number: (044)-33870055
Website:Vel Tech

Founded in:1997